Monday, 16 June 2014

Games Workshop, You Confuse me.

First let me get a few things on record, I have no problem with Games Workshop being a model company, I have no problem with them operating like a company with a healthy interest in profits. This isn't one of THOSE posts.


In fact, as I conclude my point here, you'll see that my issue is that Games Workshop in this instance wont let me give them my money. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s talk about the Astra Militarum codex. This is a post-chapterhouse studios lawsuit codex and it is probably the one where the impact of the aforementioned can be most keenly felt. Particularly in that there are a number of codex entries that have just vanished because GW don't make models for them.


We also have the added confusion with the AM codex that a number of models that GW still sell now no longer have rules. that’s okay, a lot of people are convinced this is due to an upcoming dataslate or mini dex (I’m personally not so convinced, as if “codex catachans” were a thing then i don't think Harker or Straken would have been in the main dex, but I digress).

All that isn’t really an issue to me, sure I posted about a few models I couldn't use anymore but that was more an update than a whinge of any kind.

This; this is a whinge. See, some where between the design studio re-writing rules to suite GW’s model line – The Ministorum priest lost his shotgun and eviscerator. I’m fine with that now and have enjoyed painting the recently posted Priests to update my force without destroying my earlier no longer valid models.

But the Priest also gained the ability to use a plasmagun. there’s one reason that ability was given to him, and this is the reason right here:

preist for rant

Look down the bottom of that pic however, taken just now.

“No Longer Available”

So GW have basically made everyone's existing models for a codex entry (all converted mind you) useless to replace them with their available models. Then withdrawn that model from circulation..

I am now, in order to have the codex legal models either going to have to convert, third party or pirate a miniature – everything that all these changes were instituted to prevent.

I know it may not seem a big deal, but its a big deal in principle and further, it means I cant get my mitts on a model I now feel I need.

That gives me an itchy brain.

Anyhoo rant over, and we now return you to the regularly scheduled updates of painted things. :)


  1. Totally agree. If the Ork looted tank rumours are true, it looks like they may be getting more of the same.

  2. And I can see from a game design point of view why the Orkz only have one entry for 'looted tank'. But looking at what this could be (Falcon, Hammerhead, Land Raider, Monolith, Carnifex, etc etc) there should be options within the entry to vary the armour/manuover/firepower equation to not only but encourage inventive modelling/gaming.

    As for invalidating model lines - don't tell the squats.

  3. "allow" its the word missing from my looted tank paragraph.

  4. its available here...

  5. Good post! I feel your pain also.

  6. I feel your pain indeed... looking forward to the ork codex with both dread and anticipation


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