Friday, 6 June 2014


A few weeks back I was fortunate to be party to a “Happening” as Casa Zzzzzz.DSC_8474

(the Players:Myself, PVP, Andy BG, Courtney, and Martin

Gaming, charred flesh, (both the barbeque and the unfortunate effects of sun + pale gamer skin) ale and fire made for an excellent man weekend.

Pictures, and some attempt to describe the game follow.


Upon arrival a bunch of gangs were laid out with character sheets, special rules and a briefing summarised on a shingle sheet. these were by turns amusing, inspired and terribly unlikely to come to pass.

By way of example i got the local constabulary as my initial force, three fast moving squad cars with 4 guys armed with shotguns in each, a riot squad in a repressor and the instruction to capture (ie subdue in CC) a member of each gang.

something which initially went very well for me with a quick snatch of a member of the cawdor gang to my right under Coutney’s control, but soon because a bad day for the officers of sector house 23 when a large heavily armed gang under Martins control laid waste to the force on the right.



Even the riot squad got shot up immobilised and pinned behind their ride. seems everyone likes to shoot at cops

I’ll be honest, I think my own tactical genius was to my detriment here, while others had forces wiped out and selected new gangs to re-enter the fray with, I managed to keep the beleaguered Arbites alive far longer than they were a viable threat for. ;)


throughout which all kinds of shenanigans were going on around me, with gangs giving way to organised cultists, Chaos marines appearing followed by agents of the inquisition – goat men, a T-Rex, Brothers of the Black Templars and even the Perfidious Eldar, whom I took control of in the form of a unit of striking scorpions charged with eliminating the veterans of the long war who had chosen to interfere in this internecine conflict.


I ended my time with them with objective accomplished thanks to a ill considered charge form Andy’s chaos marines, and the Exarch managing to slip away thanks to some ingenious shenanigans whereby a goat-mans corpse was used to lure the T-Rex into taking an interest in the Black Templars.

I attach below a further selection of shots form the day.. DSC_8481 DSC_8485 DSC_8492 DSC_8493 DSC_8506 DSC_8508 DSC_8510

A Glorious day of nerdery!


  1. The natural sunlight lighting up the battlefield makes for a kind of realistic look to the game you don't normally see. Pretty cool.

    1. Yeah, it does, although you do tend to get much harsher shadows, which show up the scale quite starkly.

  2. Very awesome! The terrain and crews are great.

    1. Mr Zzzzz sets a very rich table indeed :)

  3. Sounds such a blast - Although I am scratching my head as to the t-rex?!

    The rolling production line nature of new gangs coming to the sounds of fighting, and escalating to some brutal squads is very appealing.

    1. I was also a bit ~ with the T rex, but having rad 2000ad for many years, soon settled into a game that was more in the spirit of the original 2000ad and Dune inspired rogue trader than the emo-brother-on-brother soap opera that is the current fluff :)

  4. These sort of games are a whole bunch of fun. I've partaken in a couple of these over the years & the memories are still quite vivid.


    1. Yes, I think I shall remember this one for a good while :)

  5. I'm so gutted I missed this one.

    I love repressors, I love the look of The Fuzz in that shot where they're by the squad car, and it's good to see the brotherhood of drums and flames there too!

    - Chris.

  6. And, from a learning points point of view; the lesson for me as an iggie player is that a flamer SWS is brutal; overlapping flamer templates did for all of the 'zerkers before they got anywhere near hth.

    Also, yeah, as Karitas mentions, the specific rules for this game were perhaps ever so slightly tongue in cheek; slightly more holy grail than all quiet on the western front. Thargg the mighty would have approved. For instance, the rules for the cops included 'the fast and the furious' and 'Hawaii five oh'. Both of the teams of nutters (the redemptionists and the chaos cultists) had the same 'Book of Norman' special rule.

    But it was the buy-in from all the players that made the day. My thanks to all.


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