Monday, 9 June 2014

DotCom bubble….

So this:

Now points to this blog.

And it’s an interesting tale as how how.. involving Some confusion on my part, and a large dollop of decency on the part of a fellow 40k blogger, Fritz.

I was looking through the blogroll as one does and saw a link with my blogname in the title, I got a wee bit excited to think Id been linked and by prominent blogger in the form of Fritz, whose Way of Saim Hann I’d been following for a long time..

I was surprised then to see this:


I posted a comment saying that this was the same name as my established blog and within half an hour had an email from Fritz. Thankfully, as I had originally been a bit taken aback, he was lovely.

Long story short Several emails later I was left hugely impressed by his decency and the proud owner of a .com, Fritz has defaulted to an alternate name and has started his new blog here at:


If it ends up anything like his Saim Hann blog it will be an awesome read :) Please go check it out and support this affable and decent fellow blogger :)

Meanwhile relax and enjoy the benefits of your links now automatically redirecting to a spacious and well appointed .com..

Seriously though, nothing will change :)

1 comment:

  1. Very nicely resolved. It's rare to hear of something like this going so smoothly, but just proves once again that our hobby is filled with decent folks! :)


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