Monday, 23 June 2014

Cabinet Reshuffle


I’ve given my two detolf's upstairs in the office a bit of a shuffle around to reflect the fact that my paint table is all guard at the moment, the Wolves have been relegated to downstairs.

The top shelf here has a couple of display figs, the last remaining Grey Knight conversions and a squad of Orks in it, just to remind me I do have two other armies in need of attention.


Armour – Superheavy plus two vanilla Russ chassis a demolisher with HB sponsons for CC and urban pacification and an executioner with a lascannon for those heavily armoured troops that really need to die today.


My sniper conversions, sentinels and FW Hydras along with a Mechanicus Priest and his servitors


and in the bottom, and Valk (with vend option magnetised) a squad of veteran elysians in cover and a quad0gun.


cabinet two houses the HQ options- a company command with a number of codex options and advisors; primaris psyker, commissar and Yarrick


My two Cadian Veteran Squads one with plasma, one flamer and their no-longer legal characters – well I can use Harker but Bastone is gone.


Kasrkin and Wyrdvane Psykers.


The second elysian Veteran Squad and their Valkyrie, along with the IG objective markers.

I’ll make some room for the platoon once they are painted and maybe I’ll pull them all out onto a table for a pic too, but for now that’s my office :)


  1. Kool. You'll know if I ever burgle your house....

    1. Indeed. :)

      Apologies for the blatant "filler" post, I do have painted things to share too, but this was written a while ago so if i shunted it any further in favour of "real" content it would cease to be relevant :)


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