Sunday, 1 June 2014

5 Year prize draw announcement!

I promised you I’d draw this today and here it is, on day six of my half term week of blogposts,


Drum roll please.

16 people entered by posting, so I went to and put in the range 1 to 16..

The first result of the press was… 11..


Making the Winner ..Admiral Drax!… who specified “other” meaning he wanted a mini different than the marine.. Okay, done, I’ll email you later :)


I still have that marine. and I really don't need a larger pile of plastic - so lets roll those dice again..


Our second draw and winner of the marine above.. unsullied as specified, is.. Buffer. Buffer mate, drop an email address on me via a comment, email (in my profile over there <== ) or PM and I’ll arrange despatch to your abode forthwith.

Congrats both.

I’ll keep you, the viewing public appraised of the model I create for Friend Drax up there, and I’ll see you all in another blogpost.


  1. Congratulations, Admiral Drax and Buffer!

  2. Hooray!

    Thanks, Karitas! Thanks, Random Number Gods!

    I shall start my cogitations...

  3. Woop! I won something! Well technically I didn't, so thanks Drax! But hey still chuffed!

    Thanks very much for this Karitas, loving your blog at the minute, especially the recent half track, epic! I really appreciate you offering up this prize. I'll drop you an email with my address.

    I've been trying to get back into hobbying and I have a 2 weeks leave coming up so hopefully will have some stuff of my own to post rather than just lurking on others sites, I feel this is a sign to clear up my man cave and get painting!

  4. Congrats Drax and Buffer. I missed out being at sea with my Buffer but no Admiral, just a Commander... ;) Well done fellas, and excellent Karitas, welcome to the old age of blogging ;) Love the stuff you do, keep it up.


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