Friday, 2 May 2014

WiP Elysian

New paint scheme I’m trying for a specific purpose – diorama rather than playing piece. I’m still trying to raise the game here, and losing perspective a wee bit – I’ll probably throw him on a decent quality painting forum and brace myself for a mauling.


Face hasn't been touched yet beyond basecoat, i tend to do faces last, i know that's procedurally stupid, but i like to see the guy come together at the end and the face to me is a large part of that. it also helps me determine how long to actually spend on the face hehe.


I've also got a lot of retail left to do on him, to bring it all together, but i guess I'm going to go looking for feedback, cos from one angle he looks okay and form another i can see a huge list of flaws and improvements :)


Any development points from you, dear reader would be appreciated.

I’ll also update you with the results of my forum exploration.

DSC_8432  DSC_8434


  1. He looks good at this stage to me aside from the face which you mentioned hasn't been touched. The helmet visor and general camo look great.

    2 things that did stand out to me as somewhere to look for improvements - the gun casinglooks a tad flat. The shaded area of the grab handle are cool - but the main body casing doesn't have the same depth.

    Also the quilting needs something more - not sure if its more highlighting or more shading depth pushed but it looks flat (sorry for reusing that word but that's all that's springing to mind)>

    1. Hi Muppet, thanks for the comments, and no, the quilting hasnt been touched beyond a basecoat yet either..

      I think what will adress a lot of the issues is when i actually layer in the bulk of the shadows as i intend to use a bluer contrast shadow to sort out the depth issue with the larger areas.

  2. Thinking of colour balance, are you dead set on the light blue visor ? Effectively, following the lesson of three colours on a mini in balance, perhaps an orange visor, to ally it to the boots and gloves ? Or will the third colour, currently the light blue, be reflected elsewhere in the diaomarama ? Perhaps his feet are on shattered glass ?

    OBTW, the plasma pistol's are in the post - I was temped to mark the envelope 'hazardous' but suspected that the Royal Mail would have a sense of humour failure.

    1. I will have another blue (or should that be Bloo) object in the diorama, yes :) moreover i intend to add csome colder shadows to the mini above which should help the contrast and tie in the visor more..

      let's see :)

      also, many hanks i look forward to them, and yes, i agree, not renowned for their senses of humour these undervalued private offerings.

  3. The lasgun seems to blend in a bit, but for me its his shoulder area that seems lack contrast. It could use a strong color to pick out the difference between plates and cloth. Realistic camo usually lacks a over color theme besides brown/green, so this guys visor turns into a main vocal point of the mini.

    1. noted.

      I still have to add a heavy weather/metal chipping tot he plate sections which i am hoping will define thier edges more and make them read better.

  4. Naturally, I'm incapable of offering any constructive thoughts on your skill, but I really reallyreally like this fellow!


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