Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Half Term – a Week of posts?

Inspired by my colleague and fellow blogger Drax I’m going to try and emulate his feat of a full week of daily posts during a holiday form my job as a college teacher.

There are IG, display models, scenery and other fiddly and gribbly bits all over the workspace at the moment, so I shouldn't be short of a few things to share.



Over to the left there – that's a guard platoon – more on them later, in front of me on the right another scion conversion, more guard – the platoon command squad actually and some previously magnetised but never painted vehicle bitz that are now being pressed into service,

Up on the shelf still reside the Ork stormboy, the Elysian and the Abrites, along with Bjorn and a bunch of space wolves, they will get more attention at some point :)

Out in the garage is a bastion and some scatter hills in progress. oh and there is a Commissar and a few extra priests waiting for some attention too..

With all that to do, and a lovely weekend of gaming last week still to write about and at least one video I shot that hasn't been edited yet, I should have enough content for a week of posts.. its just down to the time and energy to get it all together..

Watch this space :)

Oh, yeah less than a week till I’ll be drawing This; still time to post on the thread if you want in!


  1. {pulls up chair and settles in to watch}

  2. Will watch this with interest as tried to do this a few times but never managed to do it. Good luck

    1. I should be okay for content.. what it might mean however is that the coming weeks have less :)

  3. Very cool - Definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with, man!

    1. Cheers Mord, hope I can privde some light reading at least :)

  4. Sounds a grand plan, but don't try (pressure yourself) and do too much though mate - else your likely to get nothing done!

  5. Sage Counsel, but at the moment I'm rolling through guard units. the trick of rewarding yourself with a character after a unit, coupled with the ease of painting these chaps compared to the wolves is making it feel easy at the moment


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