Monday, 26 May 2014

Astra Militarum Scion and a Kasrkin


Here you can see one of the new models, side by side with one of my converted Kasrkin- hes just had a head swap. both are painted to the same tabletop standard, very quick heavy wash, as I wanted to see how they compared.


While I am still not a fan of the “twiddly bits” I can appreciate the model. what I might try with my next one is to pare back some of the more gothic detailing, and maybe use a Cadian torso, to see if I can make the Kasrkin I wish they had just made a plastic kit for instead of these “scions” :)


Such a shame really that there has been no consistency between different versions of the stormtroopers, from the plastic beret guys, the big heavy hellgun guys and the Karskin, not mentioning earlier metal efforts, the Guard player really hasn't had a consistent way to portray either stormtroopers Or guardsmen in carapace. Off the top of my head I can think of another codex entry that has had so many different appearances since it’s inception…


If nothing else they might make for a great carapace armoured company command squad, and I’ll continue to use Ebay Kasrkin for my Stormtroopers.. lets see what some experiments yield..


  1. I like the quick and dirty fix you've done on the Kasrkin, but I'm going to be honest, love the new storm troopers (apart from the name).

    Kasrkin were lovely models, I'm keeping mine as I want to use them for something. But I really like the Scion models, like you I wish some of the gothicness wasn't there but overall I think these are some of the nicest guard models I've seen from GW since the classic metals (Praetorians, Mordians, Cadian, Tallarns and Valhallans) and definitely the nicest plastic guard.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with them though.

    1. Oh dont get me wrong its definately a good kit, but its just not really what I was looking for in my stormtroopers. Ive got a way round it now tho that I'm happy with, and can round out my old two suads to three new ones (curse them for preventing sergeants from taking longarms)

  2. I've got two boxes of Scions at the moment, I do agree that they are a bit much on the dressy side of things for Kasrkin. They are however perfect for my purposes. I intend to convert them into a fairly evil looking unit of carapace armored Chaos Renegade heavy troops. All those little spikes and strips of trim will tie them in with the Chaos Space Marines.

    1. Absolutely! which suggest soemthing isnt right with them for Imperials army guys :)

      they look great for ISt's too tho, just not guard stormtroopers.. to me anyway


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