Thursday, 29 May 2014

Astra Militarum Platoon (re)build


Poor Elias.

Something similar happened to the platoons worth of guard I had, kindly donated many moons ago by friend Zzzzzz

Except their dramatic death scene came at the hands of a Tupperware pot filled with fairly power spray.


You see they were painted, perfectly serviceably painted, as you can see above, I hadn't used them much to speak of, usually fielding only veterans, but having decided to, I realised I missed having a bunch of bodies out on the field.

the problem was the paint, not that it was bad.. but.. it wasnt right, it wasnt quite the right colour for my army.. so it had to go.

I also had to re-arm reorganise and rebase them too. – yes, it’s an illness.


Here we are mid-frenzy

I may have also purchased an additional heavy weapon box to spread the love among the  men, originally the platoon had three missile launchers and a mortar section, also three guys.


You can see the changes here:

the Platoon command section now consists of a heavy bolter, a grenadier, a signaller, standard rifleman and Leuitenant with a boltgun.

there is a special weapon section made up of three flamer operators and attendants

Each rifle section consists of a Sergeant with LP and chainsword, a grenadier, a missile launcher signaller and six riflemen – one of which is modelled with a DMR style lasgun for fluff rather than practical reasons. Just because GW ignores corporals doesn't mean I have to.


The support sections have now increased to two 6 piece mortar teams and a three piece autocannon team.

Each weapon team base has one glued in place operator and a magnetised support/technician to remove as wounds are lost.

I think the whole platoon comes in at about 500 points, so I’m happy with that and it should round out my IG nicely.

Though at the moment, the mental list of cool units I want to add to my guard is silly. I hereby give notice, I am going to be strict with myself and paint things before I buy or build new things.. the collection of unpainted wolves is out of hand enough without this mob joining it.


  1. That is the tidiest lookin' frenzy I've ever seen...

  2. Far tidier than my frenzy that's for sure

  3. Looking good, man! Sometimes you gotta just give 'em a toss in the dip and start again - definitely digging the updated layout.

  4. What can I say, An organised frenzy is an efficient frenzy :)

    And cheers Mord.

    Trying to get some paint on them, so many bodies though...


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