Saturday, 31 May 2014

Astra Militarum Platoon Command Squad Painted


First of the platoon of the production line

Reasonably happy with this lot, both on time/effort and result. definitely tabletop standard, but considering these are mostly reclaimed minis they've come up okay.


DSC_8520 DSC_8521

Leuitenant Barnes, or “old One eye” as his men call him, rumours abound in the platoon but the truth is he lost his eye in a smelting accident before he even joined up, has resisted augmetics and still somehow manages to score consistently well in his marksmanship. Perhaps the reason he carries a botgun is because the sighting of a longarm is less compromised than a pistol with his single eye…


 DSC_8525 DSC_8526

Barnes’ signalman spends a lot of his time relaying orders in a more tactful way than his Veteran-yet-unpromoted commander has originally issued them. Barnes isn't a higher rank, because Barnes does not understand tact or diplomacy.


 DSC_8528 DSC_8529

O’Neil has been with Barnes a long time. He’s still alive. there should be an award for that.

DSC_8530 DSC_8531 DSC_8532 DSC_8533 DSC_8534 

Magnetised heavy bolter. PFC Jenkins there gets the magnet. he dies. a lot. it’s okay though, there’s always another Jenkins.

Using a tripod form a scout heavy bolter in combination with the sandbags I think makes this look servicable without having to sacrifice another tripod. that means we can get four sets of heavy weapons out of a single box if we have the manpower. :)

(Mortars on stands, missile launchers handheld, autocannon on stands, heavy bolters prone)


As per comment request, the view from above

DSC_8552 DSC_8553 DSC_8554

I intend to do all three heavy bolters with prone operators, so was looking for some variety in pose – this guy got to be working the charging handle, maybe there's a jam, or he’s just reloading while his buddy keeps an eye out..

Oh, yeah the legs, – I cut up two pairs of cadian legs and swapped the “long leg” on each to give it a more prone aspect, I have the guy with the shorter pair lying prone with some binocs on another stand.

A word on Khaki


I was asked the other day how I do the khaki, its really very somple, and I wanted to run through it here, but also to mention a slight wrinkle, which most likely only I will notice. until I point it out, then everyone will see it.

My Khaki recepie:

Base with Vallejo Model Colour Iraqi sand

Highlight with Vallejo Model Colour Iraqi sand mixed with white

Shade with army painter strong tone, diluted and placed in recesses.

Thats it..


I used to use Vallejo game colour Khaki.

And it’s a slightly darker, slightly warmer tone. the Signaller on the left, has Iraqi sand, the Sgt on the right had Khaki. look how different they are!


I know, I’m deranged. In my mind I have it squared away because they are simply newer issue uniforms. ahem. trust me its clearer in real life. honest.


  1. Looking great! I'm about putting together my IG army, and you've given me a lot of good ideas. I love magnetizing the second guy in the HWs (I don't know why I never thought about it before), and it looks like you managed to squeeze more HWs out of a single box than GW wants us to get away with!

    1. Yeah, well its the most expensive cadian kit, it'd be a shame not to get the value from all those bitz. :)

  2. Nice looking command platoon. Can I request a top down shot of the prone HB gunner?

  3. Espsecially liking their little personalities. I suspect Lt Barnes doesn't have a favourite cheese. As far as he's concerned there are only two types of cheese: tasty and bitey. Anything else is just fancy foreign muck.

    1. Hm, Barnes is austrailian eh? :)

    2. He's a tough, no-nonsense, plain speaking painfully honest and loyal person. Some one being a little less kind might describe him as one-dimensional; but I suspect those he leads over the top are quite pleased to have him in front of them.

  4. Love it love it love it

    And you know my thing about being rubbish with colour? - I simply cannot discern a difference.

    What's with the low-slung grenade pouch?

    1. In fairness its much easier to see 2in the hand" than it is on those pics.

      The low slung pouch.. well i was building four grenadiers, and they all started to look a bit samey.. so i thought, what would the louche o'neill do with his? he'd be riding low, obviously.

  5. So much character in such a low model count. Great stuff mate.


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