Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Astra Militarum Kasrkin Conversion from Scion Plastics


One delve of the bitzbox later…

Left to right there you see the original Kasrkin pewter model, the stock build of a scion and my kitbash – really just a head and torso swap and some shaving.


I had a Cadian harsh environment head in there, which while a tad narrow, seems to do the job (its photographed at an odd angle too, looks better in the flesh) coupled with a Cadian torso and some shaving to fit, finished with shaving off all the gribbly bits, a little crudely for this experiment and voila – I can live with this alongside my existing troops far better than the breastplate, and who knows those chest pieces might help me make some character further down the line.

DSC_8516 DSC_8517 

Paint job was the same rush job as the original (they were painted a few days before a tourney, and I didn't want the paint I gave these to prejudice the results so imitated it)

Let me know your thoughts guys, different enough to be worth it? should I go the whole hog and GS on the tails of the jacket? any further experiments will have to wait a wee while as I am out of Cadian torsos! gasp!


  1. Go the whole hog and GS on the skirt of the jacket. Just thinking of your substitution of the adjective 'hazardous' for 'harsh'.

    I might try that at work....

    1. I may well try that on any future scions i build.. however I may have "re-purposed" some old guard torsos and already made a few more of these chaps to round out my squads :)

  2. Very nice. The shoulder armour just looks so much more normal now. I'm attempting to remove some of the fancy bits from the torso armour at the moment as it just doesn't look right.

    1. Cheers man, I decided I couldn't deal with the torsos, - even without the gribbly bits they are a bit too bulky for me - heck it makes these guys the size of marine scouts..- so I used cadian torsos, youll see it clearer on the next few as they are sergeants (one handed weapons)

  3. Was wondering where you snagged that head for the head swap. Awesome conversion, thanks for the write up btw!


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