Friday, 30 May 2014

Astra Militarum Aegis Defence Line – now with Paint!


If nothing else the Astra Militarum release has been good for getting me painting stuff I've had lying about for a while.


These just got a basic lick of paint a wash and then some basic weathering but i think they look pretty good. they take forever to paint though, lining in all that metalwork. sheesh.


rumours say that Orks or space wolves are next, and I’m concerned about the year that means I am looking at, I mean we all have more than one army, but who can remember the last time they were looking at all three of thier armies being updated in the same year? Ouch.


I need my own defence line.

In my wallet.

Unless of course the kits all look like the ogryn, in which case, I’m totally safe.


  1. Good job--I think the weathering came out really well.

    1. Cheers Dan, amazing what a bit of wash and a bit of power can do :)

  2. Simple and effective - I used this post last night to explain to my missus the art of scenery painting and the difference to painting the minis that fight over it. The art is in finding simple and quick techniques that get you where you want to go without needing 500 highlights and layers and washes.

    Very effective look mate, and I'm hearing you on the wallet thing - I'm lucky that with the little one, theres not much money left these days to splash on new releases, but I do have Guard, Orks and Wolves on the shelves already - new codices (plus last weekends new rule set) would set me back over $400AUS if I picked up the new books for each release this year alone.

    1. Cheers Muppet, and I totally agree, taking a bit of time to paint and quickly weather some terrain makes a huge difference to the table

      so far the damage has been minimal, guard codex, rules, a taurox and a box of scions, oh and a box of heavy weaps.. thats okay for a codex update. I think the wolves will get nothing unless an amazing kit appears, and the orks are probably going to have to stay shelved for a while regardless of what shinies come out, it would just be too many things on the plate otherwise.


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