Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Secret point score objective markers

And the usual rambling apology/explanation…


Let’s begin with these.. not happy with the paint, but they will server, it was all a bit too turquoise in the end and I didn't have the patience to fix it..

Where have I been the last few weeks? well nowhere really. i got a bit busy at work, and i lost my mojo a bit, I was trying to push my painting at the same time feeling frustrated with what i was doing, so its time for a freshen up, and a refocus, and a bit of a harder push. yeah, i know.

I was burning out on wolves, but they represent the biggest pile of unpainted plastic I have so i felt I “had” to make progress… never a good thing for a hobby.

I also had to play through the new module for Shadowrun returns :) oh and play through Jagged alliance back in action a few times too, just to make sure :) Yes. I am that kind of nerd.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel that I need to make progress on the wolves, but I'm trying to rekindle the joy. that starts with finishing the display piece I was working on, segues into working on another display piece or two, and is accompanied by picking up a scion and a taurox box to see if i could make them less ugly. I think my biggest issues with what GW have shown is the paint, so its time to test that, plus they would have to fit with my Kasrkin and Elysian/Cadian army.

Anyway, yeah, this is how these work:

DSC_8417 DSC_8418 DSC_8419

All done with magnets. :)

I’m in for a busy Easter but I'll try to catch up with some content.


  1. That's a really good idea. Might have to pinch this :)

  2. Do you have a way to swap out the numbers so people don't learn which one is which?

    1. ahh but that's the point :) the servo skulls are magnetised and the lids are all the same, so you swap the skulls and lids, so you cant learn the numbers :)

    2. oh wait, i see whats unclear.. the numers are inside the lid, and so you put the lid upside down back in the hole :)

  3. Oh, very clever. I like these a lot!

  4. They are good.

    On the Taurox note, if you eventually decide that's too ugly to live (which, let's face it, is what everyone is thinking), then you can always turn it into battlefield terrain.

    1. OH I have already planned that if it's too ugly to live I'll give it to my ork Boyz to Loot :)


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