Friday, 18 April 2014

Arbites Enforcer WIP Paintjob

So I thought I'd share unfinished work, something i don't do often enough, usually by the time i post I'm “done” whether i could do more or not.


This represents a shift in philosophy, taking my time, going back to make improvements etc.

What have I still to do?


Straps and buckles more brown and silver nmm.. his screen on his tracker.. the eyes maybe. also I am not done paying with the contrast on the nmm silver, more darks are required I feel.


On the dog? I need to introduce some tortured flesh around the modifications and a contrast colour white.cream for muzzle, socks and chest to reflect a mastiffs colouring, that intimidates me most cos I could easily totally screw up the paint so far.


Once that's all done a few pin washes to bring the colours together more homogenously. I’ll use some pigments for dirty feet and age etc, and I'll take the shine off with a matte varnish.


Having put it together for this shot I'm reasonably pleased, though I still feel I have a ways to go in painting in general – not for rank and file and please don't think I'm saying “waa waa i’m a bad painter” trust me i know I'm not, but what I want to be able to do when I pull out all the stops is a way form where I am, and its things like smoothness, control of high contrast in small areas, and accentuation of form – all things I can do easily in other media, but which are taking on new challenge in this scale,


I’m also reminding myself to have fun, not be frustrated, and this guy has been huge fun so far.


  1. Really nice painting. I agree that it maybe needs a few more darker tones for contrast. The stubble/close-shave look on the guy's head is amazing - great effect.

    1. Cheers, and yeh definately needs more contrast :)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks man, too kind tho, these pics make the dog look well, dog rough :)

  3. Lovely stuff! GW should really get some new Arbites models out! I'd love to have an army of these guys!

    1. Totally. enough for a squad at least, c'mon FW....

      once youve finished the rest of the orks, oh and the elysians in carapace, oh and what happened to bran redmaw? dammit you guys enough with the heresey already get some 40k stuff out :)


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