Friday, 21 February 2014

Space Wolf Blood Claws


or rather, Assembled…


I’ve tried to make them more youthful and Dynamic than my Grey Hunters, which is a challenge when you are essentially working with the same bitz, but Ive removed a beard here, added a head of hair there, and mixed in some other parts to make them look right to me.


There are even a few bitz there that just shouldn't work, but I think still do :)


Special weapon guy, Plasma Pistol and Power sword.. I have here a full squad, with every option, there’s even a Lukas in the wings, waiting.


Special weapon guys, two flamers, and a wolf priest and Wolf guard both with combi flamers. the latter from my “unboxing” earlier in the week, the Games Day 2003, and the wolf guard chosen to look old, and hopefully help the “youthing” of the claws.


  1. i laugh every time I see that He-Man head (second from left on the top picture) - I can't imagie what the sculptors thoougt they were doing when they made that one.

    The Pack kit is so versatile that it allows you to have the more agressive action posed Blood Claws and the more steady gunline posed Grey Hunters - I think it trumps the Blood Angels attempt - even using the same bits you can get such widely different looks. That reads like a PR spiel for GW - but the kit is that good - I picked up a couple just to mess around with - no two Wolves look the same, and throwing in bits from Thuderwolves and Terminators just expands your options.

    1. Totally agree Muppet, lovely kit, and yeah, I suppose it could have been worse tho, - there could have been an Orko head...

      though if you wanted a frivolous conversion, a wolf rider with that head.. on a wolf painted in battle cat colours would be a giggle


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