Monday, 24 February 2014

Snowy Scenic Flying bases

DSC_8381 DSC_8382 DSC_8383

Hmm, overexposed the white on these, sorry…


Still, finished these snowy, rocky bases the other day, so some progress being made

 DSC_8384 DSC_8385 DSC_8386

Rocks are cork, some filler for the landscape, snow is PVA and a mix of army painter and woodland scenics soft flake snows

DSC_8387 DSC_8388 DSC_8389

The bigger, heavier one has been crafted for the Stormeagle, to increase stability. and all of them dressed with some ice effects and some grasses and hardy northern plants.

DSC_8390 DSC_8391 DSC_8392

Next up are a few things I’ve built to help with 6th ed games.. just in time for 7th to be being rumoured.. oh well..


  1. This is excellent work. Really effective, I love it. The cork overlaid with snow is simple but produces very good results.

  2. Hey man, don't feel bad. I'm only just finishing the chaos side of my DV set so I should have the marines painted in time for 8th ed :P

  3. These look absolutely wonderful.


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