Saturday, 8 February 2014

Paint Table Saturday no4 – and Forge world open day questions

Paint Table Saturday

Here we are again!

On the table this week… those pesky bikers are still there…and I have another box of these chaps awaiting assembly…


Speaking of assembly, I’ve been beavering away building a full Blood claw squad, with all the trimmings, including Lukas, a wolf guard and a wolf priest… I like to have options available :) lots of models, and I’ve tried to make them dynamic, and use youthful heads.. even covering a few guys bald spots with GS…


Now, on to the forge world question..

I’m fully intending to go to the open day, tickets on the way and all.. and of course, I might as well enter a mini into the competition…..

Question is what. I already have stuff painted, but I don’t know that it’s good enough. not to win, don't get me wrong, no expectations on that front, but I'd like to put in a decent showing…


That is a pile of the FW stuff I have to hand, that I could enter, some required more work than others..

I have Zzzzz’s titan all painted up, but I’m aware a model that scale isnt as impressive as a smaller one as you simply cant do as good a paint job without way more effort..

Also painted, I have the IG vehicle there.. but its a wee bit old, and I think i’m better than that now..

I also have various guardsmen but they weren't painted for competition.

Unpainted and ready to go, I have:

FW rune priest conversion

FW Logan conversion

Contemptor Bjorn stand in

Storm Eagle


FW open day Enforcer.

So, what do I paint/take?

I’ve never done this before, so I'm not even sure on the rules, how big/what base.. I think it’s one entry per person, but again.. not sure…

Any advice, input or random words much appreciated :)


  1. Thanks for participating and showing your paint table today! I added your link to the list!
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. I totally vote for the Enforcer - you never see many of those painted, or at least you dont down under.

    I'm really enjoying you Space Wolf stuff mate - seeing what you and others are doing with the airbrush makes me want to push myself more with mine - though I am still too wedded to the old brush by hand approach at the moment. Your bikes are pushing me over though - they are looking good in this WIP.

    1. hi Muppet.. yeah it might have to be.. I think it's either him or the comtemptor...

      As far as the airbrush goes, its a tool, it doent replace the brush, it just adds more.. sure on vehicles it can be really expedient. but on minis like the bikes, i use it to give me a graduated basecoat, i still paint all the details and the finla highlights and shadows by hand. it just speeds up the groundwork for me.

      I actually want to use it for more, and am going to be pushing to increase how long i use it for before I go to the brush as i've still a lot of guys here that need some paint :)


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