Friday, 28 February 2014

Objective markers

For those tricky “hidden point value” Games


So, what you are looking at here is a set of 50mm MDF bases, with a tank hatch and a pile of filler on em. dressed up a bit.. with some bitz, and a servo skull each..



The idea being some kind of Lost-like underground cache or bunker, that our scout servo skulls have discovered..


The lids of the hatches open by a gentle tug of the servo skull


Revealing a number inside the lid, 1,2 or 3 to dictate the revealed points of the objective.


The skull then detached via a magnet, serving two objective.. a) The base can be them laid flat upside down for all to see the value..


and b) I, as the owner of the markers can’t learn which skull goes with which points value (and gain an unfair home advantage) as they will be randomly stuck to different value bases each time we play..

Anyway, hope you like these, they are very easy to make, and I’ll get em painted son so you can see them as they will be played.


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