Friday, 31 January 2014

Youspin - experiments

a app for iOS called youspin, promised to make 360 product photography easier…

Looks like it might have…

I’ve tried this before and had some sucess, but you have to write the code yourself, and for some reason it wont work in posts, only on it’s own page..

This app was 69pee and seems to be working… just need to get the lighting right for the crappy iPad camera now :)

Second attempt came out a little better, apart form the fingers :)

Trust me, I’ll get better :)

Let me know your thoughts, are these worth doing?


  1. pmsl making the ol' guy dance and the LR Crew blow chunks all over the inside of their tank !

    Too kool for school, Karitas !

    Oh wait ! That is what you do at school...

  2. Neat feature! I believe there are attachments that let you mount better lenses on the iPad camera. Might be worth looking into if you're going to use this thingie for all of pics from here on.

    1. Its not the intention that I use this for everything by a long chalk,, my camera is much better definition, what i will do tho is look for a lens, ive seen them- they stick on... and i need to look at lighting to stop the grainyness..

      but really this is a novel(ty) way to add another way of looking at work online, I'll probably use this for the odd figure that I'm pleased with, or maybe if i'm trying to show a particular thing..

      though i may also use video too, if my camera there is better..

  3. is your "spinning top" automatic or are you rotating it manually?

    1. Its an airbrush turntable that was about 3 quid, i'm turning it with my fingers :)

      its intended so you can spray things without touching them.. but i rarely use it for that...

  4. That's a very cool effect !
    Greetings, Sofie


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