Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Year in review

Well, that was 2013.

A difficult year at work, and that’s reflected in the blog activity sadly, it’s the quietest year for post volume since I started almost five years ago.


Hopefully next year will be better.

This year was decent for traffic though, I’m closing in on 300,000 all time hits, and for the first time since the post was created the AOBR grey knight termies aren't the top volume hit anymore. the current top five for all time hits looks like this:

top five 

The Stormtalon proved popular in both its painted and unpainted state.. that should mean that the two new one’s i received for Christmas will help the old post count when i get around to building them, as I fully intent to video the process and make a few posts so that you can see how stupidly easy it is to make it look batter :)

The dark vengeance conversion proved popular too, I confess I’ve been tempted to get hold of some more models and make them my own, but some of them look like an awful lot of effort to convert and they don't seem to have become as cheap on eBay as the last box did.. still a rulebook that cant also be used for self defence would be nice…

And there we find the old termie conversions, languishing at position 4! they doo look quite dated now tbh, and the paint, ouch…

In fifth, we have the GD coverage, if you ever want your post count up, takes some pics at GD.. I didnt go this year, but might make it next, I’ll have to see how the summer treats my wallet. getting married this year didnt really help in that department. :)

So, what does the coming year bring? well I’m finally getting some hours in on mr Zzzz’s titan, I played a few small games the other day, and I’m working on some Space wolf flyers, yeah, list discussion to follow, it’s all legal, honest guv. :)

I’ve also tried filming some of the paint on a land raider to be seen soon, just need to edit it all I’ve tried to cover some basics and show you how i get to a finished model. I’ll probably post pics of the complete land raider, then eke out the vids of various processes over a week or two.

As always, thankyou for those who read my wittering – i do hope you get something out of coming here, and please let me know what you;d like to see in the coming year and I'll do my best to accommodate as long as I can within the bounds of taste and decency.


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of it all;

  2. That's still a rather respectable amount of posts sir, and some cracking posts too. 2013 seems to have been an iffy year overall for a lot of people it seems. Ah well, 2014 is a fresh year and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Zzzzz's titan, and the Space Wolve's flyers (sounds dangerous...)

  3. It may have been a light year, but it was the quality not the quantity that kept us coming back. All the best ib\n the new year!

  4. Thanks chaps, appreciate the support!

    All the best for 2014.


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