Friday, 24 January 2014

StormRaven Built – Using Chapterhouse Conversion Kit


And quite a spiffy thing it is too.


It went together easier than the Stormeagle.. except for the roof section which needed trimming, oddly it looked like it was once the right size, but had been modified to be wider?


Aquilla removed and replaced with Ragnar’s emblem.


as a Space Wolf player there are a number of ways I can field this – as part of the formation “Stormwing” without passengers… or with passengers form an allied marine blood angels or grey knights force. as an allied asset from a codex with acess to them, or with a “count as” codex force with wolf paint on them.

What I will most likely do (excepting wait for GW to see sense and FAQ that you can put allies in these bloody things) is use Ragnar and his wolfguard as Khan and Vanguard (or a command squad) so that in apoc, he can be Ragnar, but in more “rulsey” games he is still legal (and hell you'd be going a long way to complain, cos it’s actually the khan model :) )


Anyway, there she is, and a great improvement IMO, what do you all think?


  1. Love it. Just ordered one myself actually, so these shots help a lot. But I can't decide if the landing gear needs to be up to help avoid that tadpole/turkey look the original model's always had.

    Did you try it with the gear not deployed?

    1. I'll be honest, I didn't, because the benefits on the valkyrie (where the gear is always deployed) of being able to pop it on the table without its stand, as terrain or an objective, coupled with the ability to have 1 on stand and 1 off on my display cabinet, trumps the visual difference for me.

  2. It looks sooo much better than the retarded out-of-the-box storm drain.

    The thing is, when we were peering into your cabinet we spent quite a long time discussing the quick and easy to snap together kit that is the storm eagle that we breezed straight over this with only one or two sentences of explanation and appreciation.

    Which, on reflection means that unlike a stumpy little normal one, this must have fitted in so well to your stable or stretched and modified fliers that it just blended straight in. I still think it looks the part and that the standard stump drain is an awful kit.

    1. Yeah, i'm a big fan. I've had difficult chapterhouse kits in the past (you know who you are) but this one is quite nice, and the result if definitely worth it.

      i will say tho there inst really a good "out of the box" solution for the ugly top turret, this was the best i could manage with what was available

  3. Are those assault cannons conversions or from a Razorback? I ask because I have 2 of these myself and still cant decide how to do the top mounted guns. Really like where you've placed them,looks much better than mounted at the front. I was thinking of trying to mount them underneath as that would make more sense (realistically) when doing strafing runs.

    And I also have 1 with landing gears down and 1 with them up,thinking of going back in and magnetizing them so I can chop and change to suit myself.

    1. Conversions, i didn't use anything that wasn't in the SR box..

      basically these are the assault cannons from the turret with the turret mount butchered to hold just them and the original shrouds modified to resemble the razorback cannons ..

  4. Looks good mate - I've always liked the look of the upgrade kit but you dont see many about the blogs.

    If i'd had to do something with that turret I would have scrapped it from the top and put it under the wings where the launchers are and moved them on top like the Storm Eagle has it.

    1. I did try, i tried mounting them either side of the hull. but the hurricanes barely look like they can fire without shredding something as is,

      I did explore the wing mounts, but the ass cannon barrels just looked a bit silly sticking out there..

      I also looked underneath but they were just too big not only for aesthetics but there would be no way to either land, or still fire with the deployment bay open..

      looking at the parts before me the only thing that made sense on the model (rules be damned) was that the weapon was for Air defence and sat atop the beast.

      obviously it's all subjective, but in a place where I knew i was compromising, it seemed the least offensive option. It's not ideal, but then the original kit is far from ideal.

    2. Thanks for the info re the landing gear. I think I will try it with them deployed. The extra length helps the look of them compared to the original.

      Re the turret, I'm going to try cutting the top and canopy off the existing one myself, and/or see how it looks plasticarded up more like the Forgeworld Razorback alternatives.

      Unfortunately as aesthetically pleasing as your model is, I will probably have to mount the turret forward as its just too obvious a spot for a dorsal turret. It evokes the old Lancaster and Flying Fortress bombers, which is too cool to pass up.

      Did you use the Chapterhouse dreadnought grapple? I don't see it?


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