Friday, 10 January 2014

Space Wolves Land Raider Crusader Instruction Video no1: Masking and Airbrushing

Longest. post. title. ever.

Okay here’s video number one, Hopefully these are an improvement over my last vids, and that they contain some value for you all out there. please let me know, and I'm happy to hear any tips for improvement.

(I already know the one about “keep your bloody mobile phone away from the camera” now, thanks :) )


  1. Ah the sultry tones of Karitas!

    Great vid maye - my two bits of feedback are whatever you were using as a mic needs t be better located - depending where you were sat your vocal volume went up and down.

    Second, when you went to sound track over dubbing the fast bits the volume went up - I had to keep fiddling with my volume control to level it off again, and then turn it back up for your vocals.

    Otherwise great little vid. I've tried masking a Valkyrie before with mixed success - a combo of little patience and using cheap and nasty masking tape I had lying around. Will definately give it another shot with better quality (3M) gear and taking my time with it.

    Look forward to future vids.

    1. I agree, and I knew going in that the sound would be an issue, I think the next project I film, I will just film and record VO for later - it adds a step tho, and therefore more time, so I was reluctant as if the time invested gets too great the whole thing become off putting.

      I think i caught and tried to correct more that different levels in the later vids on this project - again once I had spotted iit i could have gone back and corrected but it was already on youtube and the holiday was ending..

      the trick to sucessful masking is the burnishing, which if you do with cheap tape it will lift your lower layers of paint and wont be as sucessful, it's also important not to airbrush directly at a tape seam as the air pressure can blow paint under even decent tape.

  2. Who would have thought that cheesey seventies educational film type music could make you work so fast ?

    1. Its a common phenomenon, i mean just check other youtube vids.


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