Monday, 13 January 2014

Space Wolves Land Raider Crusader Video no2 : Decals

Another vid on the LRC,

Hope these have some value, there are a few more to go, I’m trying to keep the short, but then next one on weathering might take a bit more severe edit to keep it 10-15 mins.


  1. Another great vid Karitas. I quite like the Microscale stuff - one of the local lads got me onto that stuff years ago - the pots of stuff seem to last forever.

    I'm also glad to see someone else awkwardly sticking fingers through turret holes to hold onto their vehicles while spraying.

    Looking forward to the weathering vid te most. Its a shame I haven't been able to find Kleer over here in Australia where I am - apparently it can be got in the eastern states. I'll have to root around for a local substitute.

  2. Thanks Muppet.

    As for Klear, outside europe i beleive its called "Future floor polish"

    But really any gloss varnish would be good. Klear is a good one as it's acrylic, dries quickly and is cheap.

    If Klear weren't in my local store, I would probably use Vallejo gloss acrylic varnish, through my airbrush as I do for the mattecoat.

    1. Just had a root around in my cupboard of stuff and found a couple of vials of Microscale Gloss and Satin acrylic varnish which should substitue, and a two bottles of Vallejo Matte Acrylic - I'd forgotten I'd even purchased them. I don't think I've even opened the Matte - very interested to see how that dries.

      I also found 2 more bottles of Microsol and Microset - I'm never going to use that much! Its amazing the stuff you collect over the years and forget about - I've got oodles of flow aid, retarders, mediums and glaze products from Liquitex stashed away too - it's mad.

    2. Those should work! Amazing what we all have stashed inst it? :)

      And once you find a "goto" product the others get left on the shelf.. I use Vallejo mattecoat, thinned and fired through the airbrush as my topcoat on most models, its a good alternative to the expensive and sometimes temperamental testors dullcote I used to use.

      Dont be too sad you have spares of set and sol however, if youre anything like me youll knock one over eventually :)

      And Liquitex, I use flow aid a lot, and sometimes matte medium, but ive never found retarder viable, a wet palette is much better for me as it keeps the paints open, but doesnt add any other dilutants that change the properties to the paint.

    3. Ha - I do try and be careful but accidents have been known to occur.

      What do you use to thin the varnish - is it just plain water or something with an additive?

      I used to have a can of Dullcote but never got a satisfactory finish from it which is something I am hearing more and more - apparently they went through a formula change or something.

    4. I use Vallejo thinner, but a word of caution here, I haven't used the new formulation of it (the clear stuff) yet, I am still using the old (white opaque)

      I have used the new one to thin my paint however and it worked marvellously so ive no reason to expect anything less from Vallejo.

      and yes dullcote used to have something in it they cant ship legally?! so its changed formula now, I havent used it since, so cant speak to the finish.

  3. I always thought that your hands were un-naturally clean. Of course I should have guessed that by now they are more or less wipe-clean...

    1. You should see me in the middle of a full on paint binge, plenty of paint on my hands then as i tend to use my left hand as a palette...

      That said it does always come off easily.. maybe there is something to your assertion of my hands being impregnated with various acrylic varnishes.


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