Monday, 27 January 2014

Space Wolf Land Raider Crusader Video: Lights and Lenses

Last one!

Please let me know if these have had any value, I’m happy doing them, but if they are pants I need to know how to fix em, or even to just stop :)


  1. It's nice to see how you do something in real time. That said, don't feel obligated to make everything a video. I liked seeing your weathering and damage video, the masking had a few neat tips and for the lights video the OSL was great, but the rest wasn't all that necessary in video format.

    1. Thanks Zab, good points, I'll try to be a wee bit more selective, the difference I think between what I've done so far, and what some of the more "professional" youtubers do, is that a lot of the specifically targetted tutes are someone doing something with the express aim of making the video.. wheras i'm making a model for myself, and trying to record what i can for my readers...

      I do however think i future, i'll try to cover only the salient points, and instead of doing the benny hill segments, just remove them entirely.

      I also need to get into watching them back and recording separate audio, but all ive spoken of here requires more planing, and hence, time, and that already hugely magnified when producing a vido compared to a blog post, so we'll see where we go next with these.

      thanks for an honest appraisal. :)


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