Saturday, 25 January 2014

Paint Table Saturday no2

Paint Table Saturday

To my shame, not much has changed…

The same two projects abide,


Granted some rocks (cork) has been glued down, but these await more structure and putty..


and a few colours have been applied, but not even halfway..

additionally in the week I have managed to edit the videos and get a few posts planned for things that happened over the Christmas break, I’ve also made a few videos that still need to be edited, so content abounds, but ultimately it’s been one of those frustrating weeks where i don't seem to have done much materially..

still, there's always today…


  1. Sometimes you just have a busy week, there's nothing you can do about that! I love the big rock you made. But thanks for participating today! I posted your link in my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie

  2. Rock on! Seriously, that rock looks excellent. A bit better than gluing down actual stones and making your army weigh half a ton, which is what I used to do.

    1. I like to use cork or plaster as they are easier to work, cut to size, and drill..

      but sometimes i like to actually make a mold and take a plaster cast of a real rock.. you cant beat natural forms really..

  3. That cork really does work well, so on with the painting or next week's photograph will look very similar - certainly will in my case!

    1. Ive a lot of material still to add/build up to these before i can think about paint!....

      still i made a little progress, and i do have posts scheduled still for the next few weeks, so it's okay, i can afford a wee slump.. it just eats into my "lead"

  4. Bit off topic but where did you get your paint rack from? Been thinking of making one myself but might not bother if I can get one for a decent price.

    1. That "paint rack" is actually two of a particular item..

      ahem, its a point of sale stand for nail polish...

      you can snag them off ebay for about twenty quid.


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