Friday, 20 December 2013

The Great Hunt of Thror Wyrdeye

There are stories among the brothers of the Space Wolves, this ancient Chapter which retains much of the memory of the Legion it once was. the stories are that every few centuries a rune priest will be chosen by Russ.


Dreams, visions and an urgent Wyrd which compels this individual to seek relics of Russ, and even, one day, the lost Primarch himself.

It’s been a long time since anyone had the dreams of Russ, But when it happens, the response is always the same.

Thror Wyrdeye has had the visions, details of the Wolf Lord Russ have been recounted before the entombed ancients and verified, and so the Vlyka Fenryka are setting out among the stars in numbers not seen for many centuries.


The Space Wolf army and allies I’m building is somewhere in excess of eight thousand points right now.

that’s pretty good.. what inst good is that a shamefully small quantity of it is painted, so in the interests of motivation, and of sharing what the grand plan(tm) is I thought i’d post a painting progress chart and a rationale.

Thats everything that’s built…. and the red.. is unpainted.. green is painted….


~The rationale is that this is a great hunt. a rune priest has had the dreams and the fang has roused. I have a whole bunch of heroes a reasonable quantity of support and a SM codex allies contingent I am painting as a wolf lord and his gang..

Mainly because I want to get some flyers in there (yes, I will be employing the stormwing too.. and filling it with bloodclaws if i can… but that's for another day – this close to Christmas isn't the right time to be questioning if i can justify more toys, OF COURSE I CAN!)

Priority paint is going to a properly Fieldable painted force, then I can work through the rest. these models are taking much longer than usual though due to the NMM decision, added to the fact that i don't have that much available time, I have slightly revised down my expectations for rank and file models as you've seen recently. but I will still spend a proper amount of care on the HQ and such.


Anyway that’s where I am, there’s no more hiding form the shame…

how many unpainted armies (points) have you all got lying around? make me feel better :)

As always thanks for dropping by, til next time!

(images used without permission – any problems let me know and I'll take them down.)

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  1. Kool. My iggies are looking forward to providing flanking cover for the puppies mad charge.

    My Edlar say "Bring it on, Monkeigh !"


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