Friday, 13 December 2013

TechMarine / Iron Preist



Another tricky model, and more bloomin’ “not paying attention” metallics, but hey ho. I considered conversions to be more wolfy, but in the end decided the paint job might do it alone, and that if i were to put him on the field it would be as an ally, so keeping him vanilla was more WYSIWYG


I do like this model though. even if some of it looks a bit rough in this pic. it always takes me a while to “dial in” after a break, so I’m painting these models i likely wont use often to ease in.


His servitors are being painted as I type, (two HB two CC) playwise it was my intention to use the guy to bolster a defence line, man the gun and let his drones add to the fire base.

DSC_8126 DSC_8127

I am managing to get some painting in in the week now so this might well be sustainable :) Look for this guys Servitors soon(tm)

Hope you enjoyed the show and tell, in the next few weeks I’ll try and get some more tutorial type posts up rather than just showing you what I've painted

Thanks as always for your visit, comments and patience.


  1. I like him. Just imagining re-fixing his mechadendrites time and again. Iron Priest, heal thy self !

  2. That is seriously cool - beautiful work, man!


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