Thursday, 5 December 2013

Storm Wing!


I was actually wrestling with whether to purchase this set just for use in apoc, or whether to go for the Storm Eagle..


Pretty much means i can use this with my wolves, so that makes me quite happy. I just have one unanswered question.. could troops from the main detachment ride in this? start the game in this? once my ipad has power i will seek the answer….

oh, Also means i could put a force with three stormtalons on the field. while still keeping wolves as my main. shiny.

If i do this, I'll actually photograph my conversion this time :)


  1. Sadly book says only units from codex space marine can embark

  2. Surely what you really want is a fire raptor (to fly 'top cover' fr your fellblade ?)

  3. Pants.
    Seems slightly crazy to me that these new formation rules are written in such a way that

    a) I can buddy with and high five Tau as a Space wolf, but cant hitch a ride with fellow astartes,

    and b) the same download that has awesome blood angels fluff about the stormwing doesn't actually allow blood angels to get in one.

    oh and Zzz... what I'm actually after is a way to deposit Ragnar and as many Blood claws as fit in the transport as far across the table as possible as early as possible... and have something that can shoot other flyers, because at the moment Space wolves only have the aegis defense line and any ally options for that.

    besides, you know i love to play "air cav" i'm just looking to do it with seven foot tall snarly wolf men instead of puny guard vets :)


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