Monday, 16 December 2013



These were lovely models to paint, dead happy with them too, feel like I’m shaking off the rust from my absence. I went with metallics again because they are intended to accompany the Techmarine/Iron Priest form last week, but kept the neutral enough they could one day help out the Inquisition with their investigations.

On the topic of shaking off rust, dayum that techmarine looks shaky to me now, and that was only last week. Ah well.

On with the pics!

DSC_8190 DSC_8191 DSC_8192 DSC_8193

Close combat unit Dav-3 is looking slightly unconvinced. he’s probably just been told to charge a deathstar to Give his master some time to get away.. such is a servitor’s lot.


 DSC_8186 DSC_8187 DSC_8188 DSC_8189

fire support unit R4lp-h  Knows where his bread is buttered, sure he has had an arm replaced with a very heavy bolter, but at least he gets to sit behind a fortification and plink away at the heretics,.


DSC_8194 DSC_8195 DSC_8196 DSC_8197

Fire support unit Ter-1 used to be quite chatty, till they removed his layrnx and lower jaw. He’s much quieter now.

DSC_8198 DSC_8199 DSC_8200 DSC_8201 

Close support unit Ste-V added those tentacle dendrites to himself. He says he likes them.



…and a group shot to finish.

I cant emphasise how much I enjoyed these models, and I have to say I do need a few more, I might have to bitz site them, cos really, who needs another techmarine?

Of course if any of you, gentle readers have any of these chaps languishing in a bitz box I'm open to a trade, and my email is just over yonder. I am in the UK tho…

Anyhoo, thanks for dropping by, and your comments are always welcome.


  1. Really nicely done models. I'm personally not too sure about the snow, but that's just my own taste.

  2. Like. Although they look a bit healthy to me. No matter, even servitors can get their five a day when their boss leaves his greens...

  3. Howdy. Liking them lots. The skin tones work great with their boiler suits.

  4. Thanks guys, much appreicated.

    I'll admit, i got a bit "into" getting the skin tones down, i could have gone more pallid, and I didn't put my usual "irritation" discolouration around the implants - I might go back to them and do that at least...

    Or maybe I'll just hold out till I have a few more and do them more sickly.. so that maybe the longer youve been a servitor the more unwell you look :)


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