Friday, 27 December 2013

Rune Priest Painted

This model will represent Thror Wyrdeye partly because he’s old looking and cool, and partly because that's going to be my hair in a a few years :)


I went with NMM, and am getting comfortable with it again, – not to GD levels, but I’m painting an army here. I could be doing more steps and making it smoother, but these are to be seen on a table, 3 feet away..


I’m comfortable that he's okay at that distance :)

This is the fellow I posted back in early Dec as a sneek pic, and I’ve been champing at the bit to show him to you.. there are two more rune priests in power armour, so that in Apoc games I can field the 5-strong Choir..


But there are also two RP’s in termie armour… aand one with a jump pack.. hm, so I guess Rune Priests are gonna get “nerfed” in the next codex eh? :)


Any Priest not showing personal heraldry is sporting the great wolf’s chapter badge, as is proper..


There we are then, hope the season is treating you and yours well, and that you’re getting in plenty of gaming and painting before the new year’s grind strikes us.!


  1. He's great. And I am now looking forward to your hair really looking like that.

  2. Fantastic work, especially on the wolf pelt.

  3. I love the sking tone on his head.

  4. Thanks guys, I was quite pleased with him myself. in hindsight, wonky eye, and i should have blacked the other shoulderpad, but hey ho, each mini teaches me something.

    Pawn, the pelt started white and got a bunch of washes in selective places to add the colour with a final highlight on some raised edges. the trick is knowing when to stop, and actually when not to stop. :)


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