Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ragnar Blackmane Conversion

One of the things I’ve been kindof focussed on is Getting a full, tricked out squad of Blood claws and attendants across the field and into someone’s face.

My Christmas break will see the arrival of a Storm wing, and I can already Feel a Storm eagle wending it’s way form Nottingham, so I felt it was time to make someone to lead this flying nutbag squad, Hence, Ragnar.


It’s the intention to put him in a full strength Blood claw squad (Lukas included) – probably only for apoc games, the rest of the time the Ride can carry an allied detachment of either assault troops of a tac squad. Let’s face it with these wolves i’m way beyond “an army” and into the realm of a “collection” from which i can draw several armies or forces.


Of course the donor model is Kosarro Khan, Which is fitting because in “regular” Games of 40k I’ll have to proxy him as Khan and use a tac squad with him in the StormRaven.. where FW is allowed he will get to be Ragnar in a big old Squad of evil snapping pups.


Most of the work done you can see in the image below, which is why I thought that such pre-primer shots might have value, some Wolfie Bitz, some GS, a bit of superglue and spit. :)

Sorry chaps, for some reaosn I could only make the 360 image work if I give it it’s own page, so the pic below is now just a link to that page.

Will have to work on ways to get these embedded in the post – anyone got any ideas?


Let me know what you think of him, I’ll get on and throw some paint in his general direction.


  1. Great work. I did a double-take when I saw that Frostfang - it's so smooth a connection I thought it was just one-piece and I wondered where you'd found the part. It definitely fits the current aesthetics.

  2. Love it, can't wait to see him painted!

  3. Brilliant conversion, I have thought for a while now the Khan model would make the base for a nifty Wolf conversion, so thanks for the food for thought!

    Cannot wait to see it painted!

  4. Thanks for the comments gents, sadly I had to link the 360 image to another page as for some reason it wont work in the post... no clue why, it works fine on it's own page, and ive had this issue before...

    thanks porky, I do need to do a wee bit more to it before paint, as paint will really make any seam stand out..

    Jim, I've seem one out there before but it had the old belt of russ overlay and kept khan's head, I wanted to try and make it look a bit more integrated. one thing i love finecast for, it;s easy to use for conversions, - I would have struggle with the scale of these changes on a pewter mini.

  5. Fantastic conversion - that is one hell of a sword!

  6. That is brilliant - absolutely fantastic conversion, man!

  7. I like him. Hecan pop in for an underdone burger and bottle conditioned stout anytime he wants.

    (Lukas is my fave from the dogdex, but I wouldn't say that in front of this guy)

  8. Thanks again guys, of course, knowing my luck in the next codex release, he'll actually get an awesome updated model....

    zzzzzz.. funny you should say that.. in the same paiting batch as this guy.. is a Lukas..

  9. What an absolutely brilliant conversion. I'm blown away!


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