Tuesday, 10 December 2013

New Technical paints tested.


Our hapless volunteers, three members of my old Middenhiem Mordheim Warband, and a spare base.. with a layer of Codex Grey on it.


I didn't buy the Rust paint as i already have several solutions for rust that I’m very happy with, and another reviewer i saw had said it was pretty much just orange paint anyway.

so, Onward..


The “Earth” paint is quite thick, and goes on well, I decided to be generous with it, and lathered it on over the Codex grey basecoat. the basecoat is important with all such “crackle” paints, without it the paint wont be able to shrink as well and wont crack so nicely.

DSC_8170 I took a picture when wet, and as you can see, this is kinda gloopy.

DSC_8172 The Oxide is quite a thin paint, and having used Vallejo’s Verdigris with mixed results, I was hoping this would be a gooer, as my current method of mixing Verdigris with Hawk turquoise is not quite what i hope for each time.


this goes on well, but needs to be controlled like a wash, it’s also easy to flood if you arent careful


Blood for the blood god is a very glossy paint, with a good rich colour. DSC_8175

It goes on well, but doesn’t allow much in the way of build up- that would require several layers.


The corrosion paint is another thin paint, similar in a lot of ways to Vallejo smoke, but with less grit


it went on quite thinly, and reminded me of pre-watered down Smoke.


I put some on an area with some detail as well as the blade and it flowed well into the recess.


The Results?

 DSC_8180 DSC_8181

The corrosion is a good effect, and not too strong out of the pot, multiple layers would build to a deeper effect too, so its quite nice.

 DSC_8182 DSC_8183 







The blood isnt going to be a replacement to my Tamaiya clear combo, but it will be a useful addition, especially as i enter the dressing stages with a Khornate, blood drenched titan. it’s a good colour, without the mess and fuss of the tamaiya clear colour approach, but it does lack a little of the depth of that approach.



The verdigris is a very good colour, it goes on well and when dry looks the part. this will now be my goto for this effect.



And the earth effect, really quite nice, and might be pressed into service for cracked paint too, the effect is quite robust when finished and would make a solid addition to anyones bag of tricks.

All in all these are good paints and it’s really nice to see GW responding to rising standards and producing thier own paints to do what a lot of us already do, and that they are doing it with a simple  one-pot solution is really the kicker here.

I hope we can look forward to this being a trend and other “pro” effects will be coming off the line in this one pot technical paint format.


  1. Damn you. I wasn't going to purchase these, but they look great the way you've used them!

  2. Please accept my apologies for any expense I may have caused you :)

  3. A very useful post, thanks! And of course, always nice to see some Mordheim figs...

  4. Khorne demands nothing less than a full pot of that on his titan.

  5. Cheers Scipio, Yeah, been a while since I blew the dust of those chaps!

    Zzzzzz, this had not escaped me. :) infact these technicals were largely purchased to adorn your fallen idol, I just thought I'd test them out first.

  6. I've been meaning to pick some of these up but I hadn't got around to it. Thanks a bunch for the demo certainly helps me to make some decisions on the technical paints.


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