Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy new Year! and an odd post.. are you a 3D or Game artist/Designer?

Happy new year everyone!


I hope everyone is well, well fed and bursting with resolutions..

As to the Game designer thing.. well are you?

And do you happen to be looking for work, and in the West Midlands/ Birmingham Area?

I am sure I have mentioned before that I teach Game Design at a college in Birmingham, UK.


Well we have a few hours we need to staff for the coming year, and I thought I’d throw a shoutout on here – it would be a few hours a week, so it would suit someone who was currently freelance, teaching things like Maya, UDK, basic modelling and animation, drawing, design work etc.

Anyone wanting more info,  drop me a line on the email to the left there and I’ll provide more details..

told you it was an odd one.


(images used without permission)

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