Saturday, 7 December 2013

Grey Hunter Squad and Wolfguard

Of Bran Redmaw’s Great CompanyDSC_8162 - Copy

Yeah, these guys are a group of five with MM and Power sword, accompanied by a Wolf Guard with a Combi melta and Powerfist. They ride about in an Assault cannon Razorback and generally make life hard for people.

The paint is an attempt at something speedy and decent tabletop quality so that I can actually make some progress on this army. I returned to NMM as I’m really not sure what to do about last week’s faux pas into metals.

anyway, you're here for pictures!

DSC_8137 DSC_8138 DSC_8139 DSC_8140

The Wolf Guard


DSC_8141 DSC_8142 DSC_8143 DSC_8144

Power weapon dude

DSC_8145 DSC_8146 DSC_8147  DSC_8149

regular Guy, WolfBrother Ablative Wound

DSC_8150 DSC_8151 DSC_8152 DSC_8153

His packmate WolfBrother Nospecialweapon Soalwaysdiesfirst

Thier names sound better in the original fenrisian

DSC_8154 DSC_8155 DSC_8156 DSC_8157

Melta guy

DSC_8158 DSC_8159 DSC_8160 DSC_8161 

Last normal guy..


And a group photo.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.


  1. Gorgeous work, man! Really dig how those turned out!

  2. Cripes ! Better get me some Void Dragons.

  3. Cheers Mord :) I'm trying to make em all look a bit different.. quite a challenge when you've one kit, and a bunch of troops.

    Zzzzzz, You realise this "cold" war is in the escalation phase, right? and that at some point we need to have an actual flashpoint :)


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