Sunday, 24 November 2013

Operation Squad AAR

I actually got to play a game – although its a while ago now, So thoughts here will be general recollections through the filter of time..

I will say that it was very good fun, and the table, and miniatures looked pretty good. it was refreshing to play a smaller scale game with a lot of cover, and I think my next few 40k games will be the same, mainly because i still haven't got the 6th ed rules down. a shame as i think there's a lot in there for me to like.
anyway, Operation squad

A German Mortar Team eyes up my foe..
He brought British commandoes to face my Heer.
Tree lined roads make for lovely fire-and-manoeuvre terrain
Sneaky Britisher Commandoes using a big building for cover
DSC_8074 DSC_8075 
almost a “panoramic” shot
German MG support on the hillside
Its a good, fast game where each model is a single man, the lovely sequences of intention, then initiative feels fluid and intuitive and it plays well.

I’ll definitely play this again, if i ever get chance :)


  1. Very nice - love the terrain and you've got some great shots in there as well. I know me and Kieran were toying with these rules for our own WW2 game, might have to give them a try now.

  2. Pretty fun rules for small scale games, feels quite narrative and takes no time to learn, heartily recommended.


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