Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I won Summat!


THis shall be used in the spirit of the contest to aquire those ww2 skirmish rules and play them out with the 28mm stuff that was the subject of the last few posts, so thanks awfully to Mike and witch for my first foray into toofatlardies rules, something ive eyed up often before but not got stuck into.

I'll also work on a state of the hobby post to go up in the next day or two, as ive started to get my feet wet a bit, last academic year was just such a killer and several events in my personal life, while wonderful, have taken up some of my time too.


  1. Ooooh ! Good to you back old sport !

  2. Just a reminder if you haven't cashed that voucher in yet - preorder deals end first thing tomorrow :D

  3. Ty all,

    yeah i need to find a tripod, and take some pics so i can do a bit of an update, i painted a model this weekend with some help from it's owner, and i'm looking forward to showing you that,

    it was good to be painitng something again, so lets hope life allows and i can get a wee bit more done


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