Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Sad Sort of Birthday

It's been four years.


I say sad because i haven't posted for a wee while. And it feels even longer because the last few posts were scheduled. The usual reasons, back in my MMO days we used to say "RL" nowadays when i'm excusing an absence form blogging i tend to go into more detail, work, tiredness, my illness.

All of those are true, but no particular glaring issue presents. I've painted some americans, I p[l;ayed a game of Operation Squad, well a few actually and enjoyed them greatly. but i've had so much work to do of late as we close in towards the end of the academic year and i am still desperately short of staff at work, that the last thing ive felt like doing is getting on the PC and writing some more.

It will improve, I've still got a fairly substantial painting queue and I'm not abandoning this hobby in any way, i just want to reassure you all I'm still here, just a bit tired right now. :)

back to the topic at hand, four years, woah. in that time ive had over 208, 000 page views! 

for the first time since it was written the AoBR conversions are no longer the all time top hit!

the top five now looks like this:

Stormtalon conversion post
Painted Stormtalon post

Seems people are interested in changing up this beast eh?

Dark Vengance conversion

him too... and all three ov those have topped out the all time hits for the old front runner:

The AoBR Terminator conversion article

Rounding out the top five is my scant article on Games Day last year i guess i had a picture or two others didnt, either ay a healthy readership

So in closing, thankyou all for continuing to read both new and old archived articles on this blog, I'm on a wee bit of downtime right now, but I am a teacher and summer holidays means gaming holidays to me, so keep your eyes peeled for content and thankyou for your patience!


  1. I've just got the defenders of Devos IV out and put them all away again (supposed to be working, Shhhh). Must get one or two in this summer, even if I have to bunk off !

  2. Huge congratulations on reaching 4 years. That's very impressinve, and 200,000+ visits is a fantastic result.

    Don't be down on yourself for not posting in a while, we all have attacks of RL, remember that these blogs are for our own benefit, and we aren't beholden to anyone else to do more than we are capable of. If you have periods when you don't post much, that's OK. I mean, you posted 7 times in March, that's practically twice a week, I struggle to manage enough to post once a week so you are still way, way ahead of me.

  3. Hi Karitas

    Happy birthday, and HUGE congratulations for the anniversary, the hits and the great blog you've built. We all go through ups and downs in blogging, and real life very much has a habit of getting in the way. But hey, you're blogging loads compared to what I've managed!! :)

    In the end it doesn't matter what you blog about - painting, modelling, whatever. People are just happy to see you back. So, welcome back, Sir, and happy birthday again!

  4. Welcome back buddy! I've just returned from a 14 month hiatus myself!

    Oh and happy birthday!!

  5. Blog when you can, and we'll be here!

  6. Nice to see you are back :) and happy birthday mate!
    i didnt post for 1 year on my old blog so i now how you feel.


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