Monday, 11 March 2013

Treesperiments–part 2!

So as the previous treesperiment post suggests, I wasn’t totally happy with the results..
The one’s I thought looked the best were the “fine leaf foliage”, and as I said in the previous post, it looked like seamoss, painted and flocked.. soo…

I had a few armatures left over…

And a box of seamoss…

I sprayed some dark grey primer on the seamoss. I used my airbrush but an aerosol would be fine too..

Glued up some armatues…

And went to town.. this is three armatures, one with “fine leaf foliage” from woodland scenics, and two with sprayed seamoss. sure there’s no comparison right now, but that seamoss isn't flocked yet..

And it just so happens I have some pretty decent leafy noch foliage I’ve been using for bushes…
I’m quite happy with this final form of tree, and will be getting hold of some more colours of the nock foliage for future trees..

I hope these two articles have been of use, and that we can all look forward to better trees in our future!


  1. You know, it's funny. I happened to agree with your comment on the second image, "there’s no comparison right now," except I saw the seamoss trees as the clear winners rather then the "fine leaf foliage" one. But I guess that more depends on the types of trees we're each used to seeing.

  2. I agree with oniakki. I like the sea moss before it was flocked. It looks like willow trees of something from early spring or late fall just before the snow hits. I really love it, you should submit that to DFGs tutorial hub!

  3. Great tutorial on how to make nice trees :)

  4. Onlakki, Zab, looking at the photo i agree, they do look pretty good.. they dont hold up quite so well IRL at that stage, but with some selective pruning i think they could make very solid winter trees without the flocking....

    or with a sparse flock of autumnal colours.. might have to try that at some point :)

    Zab.. DFG? whossat?

    Hobbyworker, thankyou sir, always a pleasure to have you visit :)


  5. I think you need a battle to see which side captures the rice cooker. :)

    Awesome jobs. I'm just starting to have my Bolt Action minis shipments trickle in, so it'll be a while before I start modeling.

  6. Hmmm, wait, is that a radio? Looks like a rice cooker but now I see the context of the room in Part 1 and that'd be an odd place to keep your rice cooker.

    I'm finding myself oddly fixated on this.


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