Friday, 1 March 2013

Stug III for bolt action / operation squad

Yeah, I’ve got into the whole armour thing now. nothing but sheer willpower is preventing Panzer 3/4 38t panther and tiger tanks rolling across my desk in a re-creation of operation Barbarossa..

my wallet plays Stalingrad in this scenario.



I must have forgotten to white balance the camera as these pictures are a little “warmer” than the model in RL, but they suffice.


I went to town with the weathering on this one, hopefully not overboard, but I wanted it to look “used”


I’m not sure that, if you asked, I could give you a good reason why I’m basing these vehicles, I’ve never done it before,.

I guess partly, it seemed right.. but also, these do seem quite small in scale next to the figures, and that’s partly because I’ve got quite built up bases on the figures. so to compensate…


All the markings are decals, which once upon a time I considered “cheating” but now wouldn't be without…


anyway, hope this was worth the time you took to check it out, thankyou for doing so.. until next time!


  1. Looks superb, great looking tank.

  2. Stunning work there.. the Stug III looks ACE!!

    Best regards


  3. Thankyou Simon, been loving the empire of the dead stuff too.. must.. resist.. additional game systems.. aargghh

    Hobbyworker, always a pleasure, been digging the terrain and basing on your Japanese too, Keep an eye out here, some european terrain is coming!

  4. Looks great! Are you going to use this in any games?

  5. Hi Dan, I sure hope so!,

    I've at least three uses lined up for this.. is small Operation Squad actions it will be scenery, or an objective.. in larger Operation Squad Games it'll be used as an actual vehicle :)

    and if i can get out there and find a hobby shop to play in I'll be looking at fielding it in bolt action games.

    actually hoping for a bolt action demo game if i make it to WMMS at alumwell next weekend

  6. Looks stunning. Love the weathering. The only thing that lools off are the decals. Try sponging the decals with the same color that is under the decal and it will look chipped and not brand new like they do now.


  7. Thanks WPS, and yeah, have done that on previous models, and it does look good, but on this tank i didn't want it to look too dinged up, I'm aware these are a lateish war vehicle in this paint scheme and i wanted to not limit it to very late war. and part of that was weathering really only with dirt and not with heavy chipping or rust.

    I'll give you that it looks odd, given that our expectation for models now is that they are beaten up, so maybe the next thing i do will be a 38t with the hell beaten out of it :)

    Thanks Drax ! next time i do one, I'll capture the process. its just pigment and goo. ;)


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