Monday, 18 March 2013

Make hay while the sun shines…

or, well, doesn’t shine..

yeah, so I made hay.


I’d started to put together this lean-to as part of a set of scenery for the farm I’ve made for WW2 games, and realised I needed some hay bales, but that ideally I needed a few, so in a fit of “just getting on with it” I set to:

2013-02-19 07-58-42.714

I made a few blocks of blue foam about the right size…

2013-02-19 10-26-46.2562013-02-19 10-26-49.740

sculpted in some rough detail, pricking the end with a needle and scoring the sides and top..

2013-02-19 10-50-57.961

I then tied them up with picture hanging wire as you might find in a certain sweedish furniture shop..

2013-02-19 10-55-27.999

then I grabbed an old greenstuff box and some plasticene, and set them atop it..

2013-02-19 11-03-20.084

mixed up and poured some silicone rubber..

2013-02-20 06-33-32.5812013-02-20 06-37-02.427

after 24 hours curing, I de-molded them and cleaned up the molds.

2013-02-20 06-40-48.6842013-02-20 06-43-27.614

mixed up and poured some resin..

2013-02-20 07-15-00.4002013-02-20 07-58-31.280

this sets up in about thirty minutes so I was able to repeat this several times fairly quickly

2013-02-20 09-11-44.8502013-02-20 09-36-59.844

and dress my lean to, as well as making a few freestanding piles of hay bales.


now I know they look a bit rough, but this was all done and painted in a few hours effort, so I’m not complaining Smile


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