Monday, 25 March 2013


I’ve made two trenches of hedge/bocage style cover for the table, and wanted to share both what and how I’d put them together. be warned though they fall into the “quick and dirty” camp, so might not be for everyone.



So these were the first hedges I made, allright, but not very inspiring, I thought I could do better. these are a cheap scouring pad, a bit of hardboard for the base, some aquarium gravel and some styrene to build the gate. static grass on the base, flock on the scouring pad, job done.. I photographed the build of the next batch I made, and also made some improvements.

I made them shorter sections for a start..


The stone walls are built up with hot glue and aquarium gravel.


Dump a bunch of the gravel out into a tray or suchlike


run a bead of hot glue on the board….


Dunk, and allow a second for the glue to cool and bite…


run another bead of glue atop the pile, dunk again.. repeat until desired hieght is reached, then shake off any loose ones…


I glues a few tree armatures and scouring pad bushes into some of the sections


and that’s it, very quick very easy.. paint them, flock them, add clump, bushes etc

the final product looks like this:


and yes, regular reader theese are the “new” trees from part 2 of my treesperiments, more on them, next post!

Thanks for reading.. till next time


  1. Quick and dirty maybe but the results look very good.

  2. Look damned fine! Might have to try that method out myself. They heavy though?

  3. using drywall spackle works well on making bocage also.

  4. Thanks everyone for the positive comments, they look pretty nifty on the table for something so quick, as to how heavy, yeah they've a bit more weight than the usual, but on a table full of metal and resin, they really aren't overly heavy.

    Farmpunk, absolutely, i use it for all my craters, and i thought of doing these the same way - foam structure with spackle on top.. and i still might make some like that, but for these, i guess i was just messing about with something new :)


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