Friday, 8 March 2013

Hanomags.. or Sd/Kfz 251 if you prefer

I’m just going to think of them as “rides”.. or maybe “pimpmobiles”.. sorry.. futurama references have no place here..


here’s one “in situ”, hm, makes me wonder if I should start painting my base border edges a more muted brown or something when I see them on a shiny green layout like that… anyway..

These are the warlord games plastic kit hanomag, very easy build, a few options are provided such as MG34 or 42, a crewman and some stowage etc. and very reasonably priced too, especially for someone used to GW prices.

Anyway, I bought two, and may invest in more  but for now here are the individual models with “turnaround” pics..


The crewman on the fore gun isn't painted yet, he waits with a batch of field grey Germans, he's a bit blocky compared to the metal figs I have, but hell be okay upfront here.



I know the panzer lehr crewman on that second one isn't right, but I couldn’t bring myself to use the plastic guy again.. so I improvised. also, if I ever decide to field the panzer lehr as a small operation squad force I can give them this ride with impunity

Thanks for stopping by to check this out, hope there was value here for you!


  1. Very Nice!!! This almost makes me want to bust out my Germans. But Chaos calls to loudly right now...

    As far as the bases, I like to paint my ring with Catachan Green (or whatever the new variant for GW is). I've found it to be flat, dark 'enough', and so muted that it quickly disappears on everthing from a dark desert to a ashy wasteland. And of course it easily disappears in woodlands and green tables. Give it a try and let me know what you think. It may work (disclaimer: results may vary, results only apply to yada yada yada (in best commercial-guy voice))

  2. Thats a stunning looking hanomag great work.

  3. Thankyou gentlemen, for your kind words..

    I may have to experiment with my base edges.. I tend to use english uniform as my "soil" colour, i might give that a go.. and a catachan green, and one black.. oohhh. i sense an experiment coming on :)


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