Friday, 15 March 2013

German Tank crews

Operation squad rules (and I’m sure many others) call for a de-meched tank crew to be feildable.


For some units, such as Hanomag and Kubelwagen this is easy, as these were crewed by regular soldat.. but for tanks and other AFV’s it’s more of a challenge, because there are very few models out there that represent German tank crews, the iconic Panzer wrap around blouse, is hard to come by, particularly in Op Squad compatible rules, as the ruleset allows each crewman to be armed with an MP40, wheras most models have at best pistols.

The solution? artizan designs Panzer Lehr. not ideal as the gear is a bit over the top for a tank crew, but they have both the blouse and MP40, so I call that good enough..


Some of the facial sculpts are a wee bit goofy, but the posing and attention to detail on the gear is awesome (and it might be my paint amplifying the goof here Winking smile )

anyway, on to the single shots..



This guy will be one of the vehicle commanders, probably the Stug



This guy is in charge in the armoured car.. I love the coat.. I very nearly painted it black, but a wee bit of googling showed me a real coat, and the colours were too cool not to try and replicate..









Hope there was something to interest here. I’ll be back shortly, most probably with more Germans.. or Americans.. or maybe I’ll finally get back to some 40k.. hm, really should write an apology to my regular readers about this lengthy diversion from the usual Smile

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