Sunday, 17 February 2013

WW2 Scenery–Normandy farm buildings

I’ve been slowly plugging away (very slowly, sorry for the pace of posts of late, RL and all that) at some WW2 stuff, as you may have seen with the Germans, well, turns out I needed a new table to play on. the game (Operation squad) requires a 4x4 table to start with, but moreover, the scenery demands are somewhat more particular then my usual 40k stuff.

Much the same as the models are more appropriately and naturally scaled, so must the structured be.

While I have made my own buildings before, I am severely pressed for time of late and trolling the various forums and websites I found this lovely German gentleman and bought two of his buildings from him.

they arrived like this:


and being the obsessive I am, I layed out the components


the farm house went together very easily, with a wee bit of filing and a smear of epoxy


The Barn, with it’s multiple, separate doors took a wee bit longer.


and was very slightly warped, but a brisk hair drying on a flat surface soon sorted that


the joints just need a little filing and then voila,



The rooves were left separate for painting


after base coats with Vallejo, I realised that while the barn was fine with the odd open window, I needed to glaze the house.


I marked up some old clear plastic from a blister and cut to size, a wee bit of CA and.. in they went



The last stages involve a seal with klear, and then some detail paint and weathering down.



The barn, awaiting flock.

I’ll sort out some lighting later and get some finished pics of these once the pva on the flock dries, expect finished shots in the next day or two.

I will say this, these are solid kits, with good detail and I’ll be visiting this guy again for another couple, maybe even a towns worth.

I’ll also reinforce that I bought these products and I’m not being recompensed for running an advert or anything, Smile

let me know your thoughts,.

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