Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Early War German Armoured Car and Kubelwagen

And so it continues, this is the first pair of historical vehicles off the line, and my first ever attempt at “Panzer Grey” (Dunkelgrau?) intended usage for these is threefold.. in small games of operation squad they can be scenery..

In larger games using the Vehicles! supplement they can actually be used.. and ultimately they can be used as part of a bolt action force…

it’s a sickness I tell you… enough wittering, pictures!




SD/Kkz 222 armoured car…


Again I’m claiming tabletop quality, painted in a day, not weathered as much as I could due to learning new paints.. what I mean by tabletop is that they look great form a couple of feet away.. but that these close-up pics ain’t kind..

regardless, I present them here for your perusal.

coming up later, more armour, in camo this time, and some crews for the aforesaid..


  1. Very nicely done, but it becomes quite addictive this historical stuff!

  2. Dont be so hard on yourself. These look great!

  3. What colors did you use for the vehicle body? I ask because I'm working on a Kreig army. I've been using an old bottle of Vallejo Model Air "German Grey". Seeing that I would soon run out of the color, I ordered some new bottles. Well... turns out that the new bottles are a completely different color. It is MUCH darker than before. So now I'm left wondering what to do as an alternative. The old Model Air German Gray was perfect. It was a medium shade of grey with a touch of brown. I suppose I could try to mix up my own through trial and error, but damn. Why can't they just leave well enough alone.

  4. Chill out, they look just fine. Remember, the vast majority of us aren't Golden Daemon winners when it comes to painting.

  5. Thankyou everyone for the lovely, supportive comments.

    To be clear, i wasn't trying to be self-deprecating, i was trying to acknowledge it's success as a playing piece. i haven't put nearly enough time into this set of figs to be holding them up as awesome paint jobs.. and was just trying to be clear and honest about that. it's been very liberating honestly to be getting an army to completion, rather than, as with my wolfs trying to get an army to a high standard..

    to answer Charles, the greys used..

    it started with a halfrods car body primer in grey, which was then covered with vallejo airbrush primer in panzer grey, which really is dark. this was them airbrushed over with VMC german grey to which VMC london grey was added to highlight, i think i did two highlight passes.. i then used the AK interactive blue/grey filter for panzer grey to tie everything together.

    what might work fro you is a similar paint job, coupled with going back through the kreig and applying the same filter. lightly, not like a wash, which should bring the same tone to the whole army, or at least bring them closer.

    of course theres always the possibility you got a bad pot of paint.... or that model air and model colour differ.... let me know how you get on..


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