Sunday, 3 February 2013

All is not Quiet…


I Havent posted for a wee while and I wanted to make sure to update.. but I feel odd posting WiP pics, I like to present you with finished product wherever possible..I’ve also been quite pressed for time of late. but I got a bit done today.


Yes, everything hereabouts is all still WW2, probarbly for the best if my gut reaction to everything DA is to be trusted. not keen on the models and the rules look downright wrong. anyhoo..


I’ve some more Germans, including a couple of light vehicles on the bench, but mostly I’ve been focused on terrain. The scale and setting for these models is such that they need more cover that 40k, and that cover has to look more authentic.


So I’ve been doing a bunch of experiments with trees, foliage, scatter and hedges walls etc to see what I can come up with. I’ve also picked up a building or two and am working through getting everything ready for a game at some point.


I am however really enjoying pushing this aspect of my modeling, and had to take a few picks of some recently completed terrain pieces, with figs in situ.

when I get a wee bit more time, I’ll post some step by step how to stuff so you can see what I’ve done to get to this lot, and point of some of the things I think I could improve on.

for now, hope there's enough here to entertain the passing viewer and please let me know your thoughts.


  1. Ooooh very nice. Where's me T 34 ?

  2. Have you seen the plastic ruined farmhouse from Warlord Games, very cheap in a pack of 3 and excellent looking.

  3. Zzz... you mean the smoking ruin behind the hedge? :)

    I have indeed seen it good sir Knight.. although i was worried it might be a little "samey" with three pieces in the set.

    who am I kidding? i'll probably buy one anyway :)


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