Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Early War German Armoured Car and Kubelwagen

And so it continues, this is the first pair of historical vehicles off the line, and my first ever attempt at “Panzer Grey” (Dunkelgrau?) intended usage for these is threefold.. in small games of operation squad they can be scenery..

In larger games using the Vehicles! supplement they can actually be used.. and ultimately they can be used as part of a bolt action force…

it’s a sickness I tell you… enough wittering, pictures!




SD/Kkz 222 armoured car…


Again I’m claiming tabletop quality, painted in a day, not weathered as much as I could due to learning new paints.. what I mean by tabletop is that they look great form a couple of feet away.. but that these close-up pics ain’t kind..

regardless, I present them here for your perusal.

coming up later, more armour, in camo this time, and some crews for the aforesaid..

Friday, 22 February 2013

Ze Reinforcements

We all know this lead compulsion is sort of a sickness, well I’v4e caught a fairly bad case of Ze Germans. the intention was for a very small force of around fifteen models for operations squad.

Then I thought, hm, with a few more guys I could cover all the options in the book!

This was followed by, hm, another couple of riflemen and I could field two squads!

I could get a vehicle, just to use as scenery..

oh look, a rules supplement for vehicles!

I could at this stage, once what I have in the painting queue is done, field a very solid Bolt action army… oh look, more rules I can obtain…

anyway, enough blather, here are the most recent painted Germans.

First up: an officer, not feildable in Operation Squad, but would make a decent Lieutenant for Bolt Action.. oh Dear.


MG team (Mg34)


2CM Mortar team






Another NCO, not feidlable due to the weapon (mauser “broomhandle”), but I’ll find him a home


MG team (mg34)


MG team(MG42)


and a spotter, I can use to deploy with any of the teams to make a 3-man, but also could use as an NCO with binocs as he has an MP40..


There we go. I’m really enjoying these, but I know I’m not doing my best paint, tabletop is fine for these though. the point is more about having a feildable force, and even more about getting something done in the limited hobby time I’ve had. I’m enjoying my space wolves, but the mountain is high, and the time it takes to paint them to a standard I’ve set myself is magnified by the time I have.

how can I explain that better, well, painting a batch of five wolves spreading the tasks over the time I have would likely take me 3 weeks to a month. – these guys I can paint a batch of twelve in less than two weeks. it’s a big difference.

anyway, more terrain to come in the next few weeks, and the rest of these Germans.. then maybe well  move onto the US airborne.. unless, hm I could pick up a field gun, or a howitzer for the Germans.. agh, dammit.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

28mm WW2 Terrain–finished farm buildings


Put these two together the other day to round out and provide some interest on the new 4’x4’ Layout I’m making for operation squad.

Boards are in 2’x2’ sections and so far I’ve made 2x plain ones, one with an elevated area and one with a “beach” of sorts.


Eventually I’ll put two more together with river sections, and a couple of mobile hills. I know from experience I could be making a more attractive board by integrating everything, but I want this to be playable for many smaller games, so I need to be able to mix up the layout, and as such all the roads, walls, fields buildings etc are based separately and made mobile.

It’s a compromise between looks and playability.

anyway here are some shots that sow off the excellent buildings by


a view through the new woods (post to come)


The barn,


The farmhouse, with an attempt at Ivy…


one shot of the other side of the house. and yeah, the lighting isn't great, but these suckers are big, and I’m not well set up for anything over a couple of inches tall Smile

anyway as always let me know your thoughts and I’ll post again soon™

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