Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ze Germans

Christmas has come and gone and left me with a small invasion of WW2 stuff to do.

Please don’t think I’m done with 40k, far from it, but a small distraction is often the best way back in for me after a short absence.


These models are for a small skirmish for for “Operation Squad”, which I haven't yet played, but looks like a very elegant rule set.

Now I’m not the WW2 enthusiast some of you out there will be, so colours will be “wrong”, likewise, I’ll be mixing early war and late war models.. I’ve done enough research to know that late war these boots are wrong… at least the German weapon nomenclature helps, as the year of first use is in the name of the weapon.. MG42, MP40, STG44 etc..

I’ve some US airborne coming, and I Intend to make a modular type board for this, as the scenery and scale of scenery is very different to 40k or fantasy stuff.

anyhoo, this small scale stuff is a good place for me at the moment as I’m feeling overwhelmed by the size of space wolves force I have unpainted compared with the free time I’ve had, this “army” I can paint in a weekend as a whole force is only rifle section size, or section plus support at most, 14 models or so.

here’s some more detailed pictures of what I’ve got wrong Smile






  1. Nice work man! Those turned out looking great!

  2. Ah. If someone suggests that these beautifully turned out fellows are somehow " 'wrong' for late war germans, " then you could just say that they are Romanian or Latvian. 'Tis the only reasonable thing to do...

  3. Nice models mate.. great work on them!

  4. They like great to me buddy top stuff

  5. I'm a bit of an 'accuracy buff' but there's nothing there that looks really wrong. There's so many variations in real life that you can't ever be accused of being 'wrong'. The aim of the game is to produce great looking models and you've done that, top stuff! They look really nice.

  6. Thankyou everyone, you're all very kind :)

    much like i do actually know it would be die not ze.. (damn you guy richie) i also know the shoulder boards should be black, and trimmed in either white for early war infantry or green for panzergrenadiers.. not sure what latvian or Romanians would have :)

    i've also ordered some helmet decals so that might help too.

    i've another bunch of these, but some of them are sculpted to be ss minis, i intend to paint as panzergrenadiers with the normal army camo smocks, i know it'll all be a mishmash, but like the good colonel scipio has said, it's about trying to produce great looking models. let's hope that's still the effect with another ten or fifteen of these guys done, covering all the tactical options for an operation squad "army"

  7. They look great to me, mate!

    As you know, I'm not very good with 'getting' colour, myself, and besides, I'm a cheapskate, so fear not: my Flames of War Shermans are a based a healthy shade of 'Catachan Green'!

    1. You know what though, that's a damn good olive drab substitute.. i'm using it for gaiters on some panzergrenadiers...

      hell the gas mask canisters on these guys are orkhide shade :)

      everything else is vallejo, but that because 90% of my paints are anyway.. shermans are looking good man.. shame they aren't 28mm tho :)


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