Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ignoring the Treaty of Versailles

or “The Devil’s in the Decals”


So this is how many painted German “Motorized infantry” I have now. inverted commas are there because my research tells me there were many forms of such a thing over the course of the war, and- being lazy I want to be able to play operation squad, and maybe later bolt action with a single force, and not have to have different troops for different periods in the war. – to some extent yes, I’ll be versatile with which weapons are suitable, but for your basic soldat with kar98, well you know what I’m saying I think.


These are the chaps you’ve already seen, – shoulder board edges painted white to reflect infantry (not pink for panzergrenadier as I was debating because of their lateness in the war, I figure white makes them more generally acceptable) helmet and some rank decals and a “chest eagle” heh.


Two NCOs my research tells me the pink edges on the shoulder boards over the white tells us their rank… counter intuitively for me, the arm chevrons are for lance corps and PFC (or their equivalent rather.. haven't learned German rank names.. feldwebel? or summat..) but once you get to proper |NCO’s they lose them… (I’m fully prepared to be corrected)


MG section, this one’s an MG34, I have a couple more of these needing paint, and a ‘42


Specialists with the STG, these models are actually intended to be SS, but I figure as they didn’t have the monopoly on camo smoks if I use the right camo pattern I might get away with it.. you be the judge.


Big Boom. an 8cm mortar. which I cant use in operation Squad.. I do have a 5cm waiting for paint.. which I can use Smile




Research on this guy is what told me that Heer wore camo smoks, so heer he is (boom boom)


Spotters, not used in the rules I intend to play first, but I painted them as some rulesets do require them for different pieces and crews.


And so let’s finish where we started, more PBI.. Soldat with Kar98.

Now I know these aren't my best work, but I’ve had immense fun being able to do research and try to get things “right” even though I’ve failed, and compromised etc. I’ve also found it satisfying as this is now a playable Operation Squad force. that’s huge, as usually this much painting effort isn't close to a feildable force. hell half again and it’s a decent bolt action force. that’s crazy.

anyway I’ve some more to paint up to round out my options, I’ve some terrain to knock up, and some US Airborne to get my head around, well.. cant not have an opfor in the house.. what if someone wanted a demo game?

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ze Germans

Christmas has come and gone and left me with a small invasion of WW2 stuff to do.

Please don’t think I’m done with 40k, far from it, but a small distraction is often the best way back in for me after a short absence.


These models are for a small skirmish for for “Operation Squad”, which I haven't yet played, but looks like a very elegant rule set.

Now I’m not the WW2 enthusiast some of you out there will be, so colours will be “wrong”, likewise, I’ll be mixing early war and late war models.. I’ve done enough research to know that late war these boots are wrong… at least the German weapon nomenclature helps, as the year of first use is in the name of the weapon.. MG42, MP40, STG44 etc..

I’ve some US airborne coming, and I Intend to make a modular type board for this, as the scenery and scale of scenery is very different to 40k or fantasy stuff.

anyhoo, this small scale stuff is a good place for me at the moment as I’m feeling overwhelmed by the size of space wolves force I have unpainted compared with the free time I’ve had, this “army” I can paint in a weekend as a whole force is only rifle section size, or section plus support at most, 14 models or so.

here’s some more detailed pictures of what I’ve got wrong Smile





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