Sunday, 23 December 2012

Coming Up for Air

Wow. What a term. (for new readers, yes, I’m a teacher. more accurately I look after the Games Design Courses at a College). I cant remember one like it.

Apologies for my absence from the blog, several things happened at once, leaving me with less time and energy than usual. I know for those of us with an academic profession and a blog the blog does tend to suffer at the start of a new academic year, but I really wanted, and had managed to avoid that this year.

Sadly events were to conspire. in September my department had three part time lecturers, a manager myself and two other full time lecturers. for reasons that aren't really relevant, that became Myself and three part timers. with no diminution in workload across the area.

That’s been the case for two months now and its taken its toll not just on my free time, with the added weight of prep and marking etc, but on my energy levels. luckily a few xbox games have come along and kept me interested wile the sofa embraced my ass, but I’ve missed the hobby, haven't touched a brush since the charity model you see below, which I still need to post, apologies man, it’s on it’s way soon, I promise.

Okay so xcom didn’t help, cos it really grabbed me, but its about enrgy as well, no really..

The workbench is full of projects, and I really want to get back to it, so will have to see what kind of free time Santa brings in amongst the commitments.

so far in the queue ()not withstanding the whole, finish a space wolf army and start an ork one, and the whole “doing a golden demon entry” things)

  • That charity guy, apply his decals and send him awaaay
  • Objective markers for 40k to track “points values”
  • a grey hunter squad half done
  • a titan I am painting for a friend
  • a german rifle squad for “operation squad”
  • some suitable terrain for above
  • a tau forge world suit that needs repair

The one I feel worst about, – the three things there that are for toher people, obviously, Ive had the titan for ages, and it should have been done by now.. the charity fig, he should have been in the post weeks ago.. Sorry guys…

[DSC_7242%255B3%255D.jpg]I’ll admit I’m most excited about a small historical foray with ze germans. I’m painting Heer, I cant quite bring myself to have SS “toys” no judgment on those who do, just doesn’t sit right with me.. so I’ll have some regular army guys, and maybe in the future an opfor, – operation squad is small enough you could have a few forces form different nations and still not have as many figs as a 1k guard army.

Still a few guys from warlord to keep this fellow company has me quite interested, and should paint up quickly too.

the blog hit 400 followers while I was looking the other way, that’s amazing, especially given the recent lull, so thankyou everyone for your continued interest and faith that I’d resume.

So there we have it, the Queens speech for this blog… and really lacking in pictures.. sorry about the wall o text, and sorry again about the absence guys, I’ll see if I cant pick things back up going forwards.


  1. No worries dude; keep clams and carry on.

    (Yes, it is a deliberate shellfish reference, it's nearly Chrismas)

  2. Received and understood.

    still going to eel bad about it.

    (also not a typo.. Christmas being over, I decide to continue the piscine referencing)


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